If it goes without saying, it probably needs to be said

We all make mistakes. The important thing is to acknowledge them and try to set things right. Which is why we’re handing out both bouquets and brickbats to both sides in a recent dust-up between IACC and other members of the Indianapolis animal welfare community.

Recently, interim IACC director Spencer Moore informed area rescue groups of a new set of rules for pulling animals from the city shelter. Many rescue groups took offense at the changes, and Humane Society of Indianapolis CEO John Aleshire, who also represents the Animal Welfare Alliance, took Moore to task in a long and angry e-mail.

The tone of Aleshire’s e-mail is condescending and implies that Moore discounts the contribution of rescue groups. It hints that Moore, who was IACC administrator in the ‘90s, is less than competent and should be asking others, specifically the Animal Welfare Alliance, how to do his job. That’s insulting.

Moore is owed an apology by Aleshire for this attack.

That being said, however, Aleshire brings up some valid points that also need to be considered.

The new rules for rescue groups were simply sent out in a blunt e-mail with no explanation of why the changes were made or what they seek to accomplish. The tone of this communication seems to suggest that the rescues may be less than responsible and must be told and guided step-by-step by IACC staff. It’s not surprising that many in the rescue community took offense.

The rescue groups are owed an explanation by interim director Moore as to why the changes were made.

Members of some long-time rescues have indicated that some of the policy adjustments are actually in the animals’ best interest. Nevertheless, those reasons need to be communicated. You can’t expect people to know what you’re thinking if you don’t tell them.

Rescue and/or advocacy groups shouldn’t be made to feel they’re being treated as less than partners in the animal welfare effort.

So let’s check the egos, ladies and gentlemen, and start over. Rescue organizations, IACC, and the Animal Welfare Alliance should all be on the same team with the same goal:

…what’s best for the animals.

5 Responses to “If it goes without saying, it probably needs to be said”

  1. Marcie says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Between the rescue partners working well with Julie Zink, wonderful things have happened. The notice of the changes was a slap in the face.

  2. Nicely said Warren. I agree that everyone is jumping the gun and needs to have all their facts straight on both sides. I really hope Thursday’s IACC Board Mtg. does not turn out to be the mess it is building up to in social media. Everyone needs to go in with an open mind and listen to each other and the facts. I truly believe that we are ALL wanting what is best for the animals, be it rescuers and/or IACC administration. You cannot tell me that any among us wants to euthanize animals. I do not believe that for a minute.

  3. Robin Herman says:

    I don’t have the time or the wherewithall to know or worry about Spencer Moore or the other rescue groups. My time and energy is 20 years worn by politics. All I want is an honest contact with the pound that is helping me help them. That’s what I had in Julie Zink. I don’t have Julie’s input anymore and someone needs to get that back for me. I don’t care how and I don’t care who.


  4. I just want the pets to be cared for properly and while I realize there MUST be “protocol” I pray that PROTOCOL does not = increased dead animal numbers, (sorry I will not pretty up the language, look up the definition of euthanasia, and that is not what its about there its about population control, and we know it, as sad as it is). No fault or blame with IACC, its a community issue that needs a grassroots approach to stop the overpopulation. SO in the interim, PLEASE do not take away our links to the municipal shelter, to the anyone or anything who alerts us to pets that need saving and who will die without intervention. Because its about the pets,right? In Mr. Moore’s words, Its about saving the pets.

  5. Joe says:

    I wonder what the Bernard Foundation would think about these changes. Their money was intended to help get these harder to adopt animals out of the shelter. It wasn’t intended for IACC to just shuffle animals from the “rescued” category over to the “adopted” category. Was this change intentional to ensure they would receive all the grant money available to them? Or even worse, to deceive the Foundation about the increase in adoptions in hopes they could secure more grant money in the future?

    Mr. Moore says this change was to improve the variety of animals in the shelter. He sees the adoption center as a service to provide pets to the community, instead of what it really is; an opportunity for animals who would otherwise be euthanized to have an opportunity to get out of the shelter.

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