Boden’s Path of Destruction Continues

A recent article in the IBJ announced the retirement of Humane Society of Indianapolis CEO John Aleshire. Mr. Aleshire is to be commended for turning around an agency that had been brought to its knees both morally and financially by its previous CEO, Martha Boden.

The organization was operating at a deficit and saddled with $3.1 million in debt—a considerable amount considering that its annual budget was $3 million.
Internal morale and public perception were poor. The organization’s animal shelter euthanized 40 to 50 percent of the animals it took in, sometimes for reasons as fixable as kennel cough or a broken bone. Its previous CEO had been asked to resign.

“It was just not a place that was well thought of,” Aleshire said.

Sadly, directors at the SPCA Tamp Bay have allowed Ms Boden to continue her journey of self-enrichment at the expense of an agency whose founding was to serve animals in need, not people of greed.

A Pinellas County resident recently reviewed the last 2015 tax return and the findings are telling:

SPCA Tampa Bay Fiscal Irresponsibility Continues

Under the continuing misdirection of SPCA Tampa Bay Executive Director Martha Boden, the agency that is supposed to be a community leader in animal safety has failed the public and the welfare of the animals that they are supposed to save.

FACTS from their recently published 2015 IRS Tax Return (7/1/2014-6/30/2015):

Contributions down $517,722 from last reporting year (7/1/2013-6/30/2014) with total revenue down $1,779,180

– Yet Expenses remained about the same ($4,014,880) for a reported loss of -$1,283,452

– And their Fund Balance is down $1,435,507, Assets down $500,261, Liabilities up $935,246

– Yet the Executive Director received a 1.5% raise, which increased her salary to $119,738

– Yet the number of Volunteers is down while paid employees are up by 18% (19 employees)

– Yet $650,833 was paid for Fundraising purposes, with $162,220 going to a marketing firm and $38,944 spent on fundraising events that only netted $113,347 (that doesn’t even pay the Director’s salary)

– With reported Advertising and Promotion costs of $183,898

– Yet they continue to maintain a Management Team of 14 individuals

– And how much went to food, supplies and medicine for the animals? A paltry $285,001 – less than half the total spent on fundraising!

So what did they do with the $2,731,428 of contributions they received?

Who knows? They once again reduced their transparency by foregoing an independent audit, a gauge by Guidestar of transparency and of course a standard for ensuring sound fiscal operations. No reduction in Upper Management, no salaries reported other that Martha Boden’s. Even the veterinarian’s salary is not reported, although it was in 2013 and before.

And what is the new Limited Liability Company established 1/31/2013?

What is STB Ventures, LLC #46-2185547
, doing under the SPCA with Martha Boden as the Registered Agent and Board members listed as interested investing partners?

Is there a shell game going on? Are public donations being diverted to the development of a For-Profit clinic in St. Petersburg that only takes business away from already-established veterinarians?

SPCA Animal Statistics for 2015 – Of 2302 Canines – 418 either died in care or were euthanized; a Live Release Rate of 75%. For YTD 8/31/2016 – Of 1,521 Canines, 208 either died in care or were euthanized; a Live Release Rate of 83%. 36 felines died in care, with 515 euthanized – a Live Release Rate of 68%.

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