Q: What kind of nonprofit can operate without volunteers?


A: One whose true agenda differs from its stated mission. Or one that has no mission statement at all.

SPCA Tampa Bay’s website shows no mission statement. It lists 12 “volunteer opportunities”, such as Behavior Enrichment Assistant, Pet Photographer, Dog Walker, Canine/Feline Adoption Counselor. Each describes exciting ways in which the volunteer can help advance the welfare of shelter pets.

And except for two, each description ends with
Currently, we are not accepting any volunteer applications.

There’s a category entitled Junior Volunteer Opportunities. It’s not accepting volunteers.

Special Events Volunteer says “volunteer opportunities coming soon”.

Those court-ordered to community service can still fulfill their obligation at SPCA/TB, so long as their charges don’t involve a felony, assault, domestic violence, theft, or controlled substances. Charges related to animal abuse or neglect aren’t mentioned.

No volunteers means no one’s watching

Caring volunteers have been a thorn in the side of CEO Martha Boden’s agenda for SPCA/TB from the start. Many have bravely tried to alert the public to the killing and mistreatment happening at SPCA/TB, and were dismissed for their efforts. Now, according to the Facebook page SPCA Tampa Bay Behind the Kennel Doors, the organization is phasing out its volunteers and plans to use them only for special events.

Such events, of course, are designed to generate donations and build SPCA/TB’s brand. They have nothing to do with caring for the animals.

Without volunteers, how does a shelter socialize frightened animals and prepare them for adoption? How does it help people choose a new pet? How does it reunite lost pets with their families? How does it train dogs to be good canine citizens?

Obviously, it doesn’t. Obviously, accomplishing these goals is not an SPCA/TB priority.

5 Responses to “Q: What kind of nonprofit can operate without volunteers?”

  1. Agatha Mantanes says:

    The kind that is not realy a none profit and does not want the the donors to find out.

  2. Joseph Ciccolini says:

    Don’t kid yourself Agatha. It is not possible that the donors do not know what is going on. They see the changes. If not then they are willfully ignorant. But they are NOT innocent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They don’t need volunteers because they are minimizing all programs that utilize them. The dogs behind the scenes in B Kennel have days where none get walked because there are no volunteers and the newly arriving dogs in A Kennel NEVER get walked. Volunteers are considered a nuisance and staff are trained to treat volunteers as if they are constantly going to leak information.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there an email address to contact? Will anonymously provide intel.

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