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What it takes for evil to triumph

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015


To paraphrase a popular and true adage, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good to do nothing”.

Looking at the ongoing situation at SPCA Tampa Bay, one might wonder who CAN do something to restore compassion and quality animal care to this organization.

Since Martha Boden became CEO of SPCA/TB in 2011 after leaving the Humane Society of Indianapolis, concern for the animals has steadily deteriorated while administrative salaries climb. Outrageous fees limit adoptions, and obscene charges to reclaim lost pets dooms many to death for days without medical care.

Kennels are empty while other area shelters are overflowing. Compassion for sick and injured animals is nonexistent and phone calls are not returned.

Who can do something? As mtA has repeatedly pointed out, the Board of Directors whose silence continues to support these actions bears as much responsibility as Boden herself. Who are the individuals who make up the BOD?

Marilyn Hulsey, President
Chris Allen, Past President
Jim McGinty, Secretary
John Ralph, VP of Finance & Treasurer
Lyndy Jennings, VP of Development
Jonathan Browy, VP of Governance
Tara Miller, VP of Facilities
Michele Egerter
Jessica Eilerman
Rita Peterman

But since they have so far proven themselves unable or unwilling to step up and do the right thing, one must wonder…..

Where are the investigative reporters?

Why has the Tampa Bay media ignored reports from former staff members and citizen complaints? In May of 2014, WFLA Channel 8 began an investigation which was quickly and mysteriously quashed.

Why is no newspaper or TV station interested in the fact that SPCA/TB has a rating of only 2 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator, a highly respected rating service consulted by many potential donors?

The Pinellas County news media is encouraged to take a look at the Facebook page Behind the Kennel Doors. Because good CAN do something, if only it will.

Or has true investigative reporting been banned by media management?