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More bad news for Pinellas County animals

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

A recent article in the Tampa Bay Times revealed serious issues with Pinellas County Animal Services, including kennels where the temperature regularly soars to unhealthy levels, understaffing, and lack of written policies for after-hours and emergency care. A required audit of the county facility also cited inadequate accounting procedures and lack of financial transparency.

Dusty and nonfunctioning ceiling fans and torn window screens were also noted as potential contributors to disease and declining health in the shelter.

Citizens and previous volunteers have complained about incidents of cruelty at PCAS, distorted death records, an increase in killing and a decrease in adoptions, as well as low morale and fewer volunteers. These complaints were also examined.

Since 2011, PCAS has lost three directors and the staff veterinarian. A search is currently underway to fill the director’s position.

County figures show that in 2014, PCAS took in 4,801 dogs and 8,107 cats. Of those, 1,132 dogs and 3,529 cats were adopted. 1,586 dogs and 4,105 cats were killed.

Put another way, many more dogs and cats were killed at PCAS than found new homes. Sound familiar? Many former SPCA Tampa Bay volunteers say it sounds just like what’s been going on there over the past couple of years:

“This could easily be the audit report for SPCA, verbatim. All the allegations are the same. The one problem, we can’t get SPCA audited because they are not a county facility. If they were subject to an audit, they would find these exact same transgressions and reported by former volunteers and staff”.

Mismanagement and abdication of responsibility seem to be rampant in Pinellas County. mtA stands with our Florida friends who truly care about animal welfare as they continue to fight for the animals who have no voice.

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Clever branding belies the reality of SPCA Tampa Bay

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

SPCA Tampa Bay is getting plenty of publicity for its new logo and revamped brand identity. Sadly, the stark contrast between the slick image and the sad reality is being mentioned only by animal advocates, who continually try to make SPCA/TB live up to its promises.

Under the direction of Martha Boden, who nearly destroyed any credibility for the Humane Society of Indianapolis during her tenure as its CEO, one can’t help but wonder what undisclosed sum of donor dollars were paid to a high-profile Tampa advertising agency, ChappellRoberts, to create new branding, a revised website, and a new logo.
The logo, claims Boden, “was the crowning moment of all the brand work”.

No doubt, since it bears a strong resemblance to that of Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that actively supports No Kill and has a sterling reputation. The philosophy of Best Friends is about as different from SPCA/TB’s as the Mars rover is from a grocery cart.

According to an article on TBN, the new brand identity “was developed through a strategic and collaborative process that included research and input sessions with community partners, board members, staff and other stakeholder groups.”

Missing from those stakeholders were the many dedicated volunteers who’ve been let go because their concern for the animals’ welfare didn’t match management’s mission to make money. Also not consulted were citizens such as the woman whose lost cat wound up at SPCA/TB and was there for 10 days before she was notified. Then she was charged $200 to reclaim her pet. If she didn’t pay, she was told, the cat would be killed.

“While we may have a refreshed look, our commitment to providing quality care to all animals remains the same,” says Boden.

If that’s an example of their commitment, it’s a sad day in Tampa Bay.

More on SPCA Tampa Bay can be read here.

Addendum 07/16/15 3:40pm

The lady whose cat found its way to SPCA/TB reminds us of Kim Gastineau’s experience in Indianapolis whose dog was killed at HSI under Ms Boden’s watch, who reportedly told Mr. Gastineau

“We do not want the public to know that we euthanize animals and will not keep documentation or pictures available to the public of the ones we do. We depend on the fees we charge for animals dropped off here and if they knew they were being euthanized people simply would not bring them here.”

Dog Wash to benefit homeless animals

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Calling all dirty dogs —
Charity dog wash is Saturday July 11!

Got a pup who could use a bath? Let our volunteers do it for just $10! While your dog enjoys (?) a gentle scrub, add a pedicure — nail trims are just $5.

And all proceeds benefit move to ACT! You’ll stay dry and protect your towels while you help improve the lives of homeless animals, support small all-volunteer rescues, promote adoption, and expose misconduct that compromises the outcome for homeless animals.

Bring your dirty dog to

For the Dogs!
10617 Zionsville Road (next to Pizza King)

Saturday, July 11
11:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m.

Baths $10 Nail trims $5

…and take home a clean canine! Spread the word!