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SPCA/TB CEO sports a shiny new RV and $120,000 salary

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015


…while homeless pets are dying

SPCA Tampa Bay CEO Martha Boden reportedly arrived at a poorly attended annual adoption reunion on April 19th in a new, personal RV. The event took place at Walsingham Park, Largo, Florida.

Veteran animal advocates and community members continue to be embarrassed by the cesspool that SPCA/TB has become. Since Boden took over leadership of the agency in 2011, she has

• dismantled the agency’s infrastructure by shunning dozens of committed volunteers
• imported preferential animals from outside the county for adoption while killing local animals (death by displacement)
• reduced the animal care budget while increasing administrative pay, and
• turned a once-successful animal welfare agency into a money making machine

Now she flaunts her success with a shiny new queen-mobile. What could be more arrogant than to pull up to an event in a new oversized RV, waving to those on the outside?

We saw the same type of tragedy take place at the Humane Society of Indianapolis when Boden was its CEO. Finally, the HSI Board had enough and took action by dismissing her in 2008.

Those responsible for allowing the tragedy to continue in Florida, SPCA/TB Board members, are:

Marilyn Hulsey – President
John McGinty – Secretary
John Ralph – VP, Fin and Treasurer
Lundy Jennings – VP, Dev
Jonathon Browy – VP, Gov
Tara Miller – VP, Facilities
Michele Egerter
Jessica Eilerman
Tara Miller

Please, Board members, pay attention to what’s happening on your watch.