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A Critter’s Chance rescues tiny survivors from wrecked truck

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Shortly after leaving the Rescue Rally Awards presentation on Friday, February 20, Kelly Thomas of A Critter’s Chance received word that a truck carrying 200 small mammals and birds had overturned on a Michigan highway. The animals were en route from Rainbow World Exotics, apparently for sale to pet stores.

Only 50 of the 200 animals survived. Amanda Nosie and Thomas Moore of A Critter’s Chance drove to Michigan to pick up 39 hamsters, gerbils and mice, and found conditions inside the truck deplorable.

Truck turn over 2

There appeared to be no heat. The truck carried food and a water system, but no food or water was available to the animals in their cages. Many had obviously been dead before the truck overturned; some had been partially eaten by the starving survivors.

Volunteers with A Critter’s Chance collected the tiny animals and brought them back to Indianapolis, where they are now safe and warm with plenty of food, water and appropriate habitat. A Critter’s Chance is seeking additional foster homes for them until they all can be adopted.

Like all the small, all-volunteer rescues, A Critter’s Chance operates on a shoestring and the generosity and love of its volunteers. In addition to exotic animal rescue, they are also active in wildlife rehabilitation. While many of the animals they help will fit in your pocket, they’ve also rescued horses, potbellied pigs, all types of birds, goats, and snakes of every size. The group is extremely grateful for your donations, which go directly to care for the animals. To donate, adopt, or learn more about A Critter’s Chance, please visit their website.

Rainbow World Exotics has been cited repeatedly by animal welfare activists for cruel and careless treatment of the animals it sells. Conditions there have been compared to those of puppy mills. But the only way to stop the cruelty is to stop the demand.

These small animals are often impulse purchases — trendy pets or chosen for children by parents who think they will be easy to care for. When the novelty wears off or the cost of care is greater than expected, these little creatures are too often considered disposable. The lucky ones wind up with A Critter’s Chance.

When shopping for a small animal, bird or snake, keep in mind that virtually all of these animals sold in pet stores come from horrid conditions not unlike puppy mills. Buying an exotic animal from a pet store perpetuates the unseen suffering. Encourage anyone you know who is interested in one of these creatures to adopt from a rescue organization like A Critter’s Chance and save a life.

Nine local all-volunteer animal rescue groups share $5,700 in prize money

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

February 23, 2015
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Nine local all-volunteer animal rescue groups share
$5,700 in prize money from 2014 Rescue Rally

More than $5,700 in donated cash and gift cards was awarded to participating volunteer animal rescue organizations at the 2014 Rescue Rally Awards Presentation on Friday, February 20. The annual competition rescued 143 animals.

Sponsored by move to ACT, Rescue Rally is in its fifth year. Local all-volunteer animal rescues participated to see which could pull the most animals from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control between November 1 and December 31.

Topping the awards list was Every Dog Counts, which pulled the most dogs, most cats, most black cats and most animals overall, a total of 65. Their efforts earned $2,225.

In second place was Lucky Dog Retreat, with 34 animals rescued including the most black dogs, for $1,150 in awards. Black animals are emphasized because they tend to be overlooked by adopters.

Pet Supplies Plus donated a $20 gift card to each participating rescue. Participants and their cash prize totals were:

Every Dog Counts (65 animals) $2,225
Lucky Dog Rescue (34 animals) $1,150
ARPO (15 animals) $ 525
Mended Hearts (13 animals) $ 475
Tails and Trails (9 animals) $ 375
Casa del Toro (7 animals) $ 325
A Critter’s Chance $ 150
INDY Claw $ 150
Love of Labs Indy $ 150

“Many, many thanks to all the private and corporate donors who made the prizes possible, and to the Milano Inn for hosting this and other move to ACT events,” said Warren Patitiz of move to ACT. “These small, all-volunteer rescues use every penny they receive for the animals, and they save so many lives.

“But the biggest winners, of course, are those 143 animals who now have a chance at a better life.”

Held at the Milano Inn on a frigid night, the presentation drew numerous animal welfare supporters including Dennis Papenmeier, recently appointed administrator of IACC.

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