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Silence continues from the SPCA Tampa Bay board of directors

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

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The below letter was emailed to four of the ten SPCA/TB directors. To date there has been no reply.
For the record, the additional directors responsible for the SPCA/TB’s self-inflicted poverty of integrity includes: Jonathan Browy, Jim McGinty, Michele Egerter, Mark Martukovich, Tara Miller and John Ralph, Jr. CPA

The letter was also cc’d to the University of Florida veterinarians (who had applauded the pre existing kennel enrichment program that was dismantled by SPCA/TB CEO Martha Bowden) as well as the Tampa Bay media.

The media has abandoned reporting on the killing agenda and empty kennels of the SPCA/TB, a business with administrators profiteering from donations while masquerading as an animal welfare agency.

Fortunately vigilance in heightening public awareness continues by SPCA/TB Behind the Kennel Doors.

This dark chapter for the SPCA/TB and community continues.

You can read more here.


Dear Ms. Hulsey, Ms. Jennings, Ms. Eilerman and Mr. Allen:

The behavior of the SPCA/TB, as reported on the SPCA/TB Behind the Kennel Doors Facebook page, has a consistent theme. The latest posting is especially disturbing. It describes Brownie, who was at the SPCA/TB for 11 days before getting back to her person who desperately wanted her returned.

If you haven’t read the post, it is here:

I am curious to know…

1. Why do you permit this kind of performance by an administration that dismissed volunteers who provided timely and knowledgeable assessment feedback as well as invaluable enrichment for sheltered dogs?
2. How much longer are donor dollars going to be used to finance perpetual indignity to animals, their people, and the donors themselves?
3. How much longer will the SPCA/TB embarrass the industry by impostering as an animal welfare agency?

Indianapolis animal welfare suffered six years of documented obfuscation and draconian practices under the administrator currently endorsed by the SPCA/TB Board of Directors. Perhaps one of you can share why you think this kind of legacy will be good for the animals and community of Pinellas County?


Warren Patitz
Indianapolis, IN