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Recommendations for Indianapolis Animal Care and Control improvements continue to be ignored

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

We’re grateful to Indianapolis Star journalist Brian Eason for his expose on the woes of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control on Sunday, November 16. Headlined “Animal neglect? For years, Indy ignored recommendations”, the front-page article called attention to the long-standing problems at IACC…..again. And sadly, the city administration’s response was the same as it’s been every time the issue has been raised.

“The problem,” Valerie Washington, deputy director of the Department of Public Safety, is quoted as saying, “is that money isn’t easy to find.”

The sad fact is that Ms Washington apparently is either unaware of what is going on with the city’s slush fund (read tax payers’ money) or she is thinking the audience is naïve and is purposely misleading the public. Perhaps she needs to follow the mtA blog? Had she read the mtA blog post, “Ask your Councilor – where is the money going?” she would be aware that plenty of taxpayer money has been found to fund all sorts of pet projects.

It doesn’t appear that money is hard to find. It’s only hard to find for agencies and causes that lack high-profile advocates.

Will having a new director at IACC make a difference?

No, not if he or she has to battle the union, a micromanaging city administration, and hear ad nauseam the fabricated excuse city officials feed the public and city division staff as to why the administration can’t fund the agency.

In a November 15th letter to the editor, Susan L. Gerhart shines a light on the administration’s resistance and response to advocates who in 2009 dared to bring attention to and hold accountable those responsible for the agency’s dysfunctional management and performance.

What needs to happen and when?

Those in city administration who display a “despicable lack of concern …” need to be excused from any budget misallocation and deprivation decisions so IACC and its caring staff can be funded to operate as it should, focusing on the humane care and treatment of the animals who find their way to the doors of IACC.

Is that going to happen? Only, as Gerhart says, when city officials recognize that failure to adequately feed, house, and humanely care for homeless animals lessens our humanity.

SPCA Tampa Bay continues its downward spiral

Friday, November 14th, 2014


Thanks to a board of directors that just sits back and watches, SPCA Tampa Bay, once a robust agency, continues its progressive and painful demise under the management of its current CEO. And as always, the losers are the suffering homeless animals.

The annual Pet Walk, once a successful fundraiser and adoption event, was held on October 11. SPCA/TB brought NO dogs to the event to showcase for adoption. The walk raised only $155,000 of the $250,000 goal. Reportedly, that $155,000 included “in kind” donations as well as cash.

A former volunteer who works in the financial industry observed: “They raised about $220,000 in 2008. That means the SPCA raised 30% less this year than they did in 2008, which was one of the worst years for all charities due to the recession.

“I know the economy hasn’t fully recovered, but it is better than six years ago (couldn’t be worse). Yet the SPCA is doing worse. Says it all.

“As an aside, if they got $155,000 THIS year, they didn’t raise $100,000 too little. They raised $155,000 too much.”

Clawing to survive

Soon after the poor performance of the Pet Walk, three members of the top-heavy management team were released from the payroll: Bibi Goeddert, Managing Director/Business Administration; Nora Hawkins, MBA, Managing Director, Guest Services; and Janet Valles, Development and Special Events Director.

The current CEO’s number one goal is to protect her six-figure salary. Caring for the animals has never been a priority. Now it would appear that further belt-tightening will also affect her bloated administrative staff.

Indianapolis, déjà vu.

Warning — hoax alert

According to Wikipedia, a hoax is “a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth”.

Are you familiar with the national ASPCA slow-motion video, featuring lyrics by Sarah McLachlan, that tugs at your heartstrings to open your wallet and donate? SPCA/TB has invested in its own slow-motion, heart-tugging video. “Calling out for you” tries to convince potential donors that opening their wallets to donate to the agency will be helping animals in need. For example:

“As a donor, you can be sure that your dollars stay local and that you will be providing animals in need with a new forever home, each and every day.”

If only donors knew that the sole reason for the fundraising effort is to meet payroll. One wonders how these people can sleep at night.

To learn the REAL story about what goes on at SPCA/TB, go to SPCA/TB Behind the Kennel Doors:

There, the agency’s tragic dysfunction and disintegration are documented by those who have watched it happen, and are shining a light on the agency’s actions.

Mutually exclusive:
Caring for animals in need and the actions of the SPCA Tampa Bay.

Addendum 7:05pm

Organizations in the Pinellas County area that are reported to be genuine in their care for at-risk animals and use donor dollars respectfully are:

Pet Pal Animal Shelter
Suncoast Animal League
Humane Society of Pinellas
Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue