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Time to ACT on proposed budget cut for IACC

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

The Indianapolis Public Safety and Criminal Justice budget committee is proposing a $185K+ budget cut for the city’s animal shelter in 2015. Final review and analysis of all Public Safety budgets will take place October 1st.

The councilors need to hear from the animal welfare constituency, in volume and NOW!

Below is a letter we invite you to “copy and paste” (or edit to your liking) into your email and send to each of the councilors on the committee. Their email addresses are provided below the letter.

Dear City-County Councilor [name]

As the city’s largest open-door animal shelter, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control takes in approximately 17,000 animals in need each year. I hope that you, as a member of the committee charged with setting IACC’s budget, will take these facts into account as you consider that budget:

• IACC’s antiquated building desperately needs an isolation area for sick animals and airflow re- engineering to prevent the spread of airborne disease

• A full-time veterinarian is needed onsite

• The facility is chronically understaffed, and is again without an administrator for the 11th time in 12 years

• There is not even a line item in the current budget for food for the animals

Would you want to run a business or nonprofit agency without money for the barest essentials? Surely a world-class city can adequately fund this facility.

Many of your constituents are involved with animal welfare. We spend our own time and money to save animals’ lives. Local rescue organizations report that more than 90% of the animals they pull from IACC have treatable, preventable illnesses.

Please visit IACC before you make a decision on its budget. See for yourself the conditions, the hard-working staff, and the homeless animals who are there through no fault of their own.

Then, I urge you, please respect the needs identified by previous IACC directors and allot this agency a budget adequate for the crucial services it provides.

Thank you.

[your name]

# # #

Here are the City County Councilors who need to hear your voice for the animals and staff at IACC!

Mary Moriarity Adams, Chair

Aaron Freeman?

Benjamin Hunter

Frank Mascari

William Oliver?

Leroy Robinson

Christine Scales

Joseph Simpson

Zach Adamson

Marilyn Pfisterer