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Mega Adoption Event, No Kill hurdles, and why we still need to watch our language

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

We were excited to witness the “Mega Adoption” event this past weekend, which reportedly resulted in 732 animals from central Indiana finding new homes in a two-day period. 130 dogs and 66 cats were adopted from IACC. Congratulations to all the organizers, participating agencies’ staff, and volunteers on this outcome! Everyone who truly cares about animal welfare is delighted to see so many animals finding forever homes.

move to ACT has endorsed policies and practices that support No Kill since 2007, when it sponsored Nathan Winograd in Indianapolis to present the “No Kill Equation.” A sold-out crowd of animal welfare enthusiasts from across the country participated.

At that time we stated,
It is not a question of whether No Kill will be realized in each of our communities; it is only a matter of when.

Two years later, on July 4, 2009, 153 animals were adopted from IACC during a one-day adoption special. A local animal organization representative was quick to recruit a city-county councilor and union representative to condemn the event. Now, five years later, this same individual is supporting such an event. How things change!

Action, and awareness

It’s taken years, but the renewed momentum toward No Kill is refreshing. We must, however, be mindful that the inner struggle for honesty with ourselves, the public, and the animals continues.

Those in the animal welfare, promotions and media industries continue to be challenged by the use of honest language that respects the value of these animals’ lives. It’s getting better, but we’re not there yet. Ending the life of an adoptable animal for population control is neither “euthanasia” nor “putting down”. It is murder. It is killing.

When we use these terms to soften the reality of the action for our own comfort, we embarrass ourselves and fall short of genuinely embracing the sanctity of these animals’ lives.

Listen (bolded for emphasis)…

“We have a definite need to wipe out euthanasia in Indianapolis and with big events like this, I think we can do it.”
—Event coordinator Megan Bennett

At the Indy Mega Adoption event page: :

“Each year, thousands are euthanized at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.”
“Frankly, we’re all pretty tired of the killing and we feel Indy should be No-Kill”.

At least someone used the right word, once.


“Sadly, this is why so many perfectly healthy animals are being euthanized -…”
“…where no animal has to be put down for space or time”.

Love me, but Fix the conversation by telling the truth. We must remain on guard against obstructing the No Kill goal with manipulative rhetoric. Using the word “euthanize” to describe what is done to animals in shelters and pounds is committing FRAUD.

Indianapolis is making strides. Let’s keep the momentum going by keeping it honest.