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HSI CEO John Aleshire candid about Martha Boden’s performance at HSI

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Credit deserved where credit due. HSI CEO John Aleshire didn’t hold back when speaking with WFLA’s investigative reporter Gayle Guyardo about Martha Boden’s performance during her reign at HSI. move to ACT brought these issues and more to light years before Boden was finally excused from her position. You can read Aleshire’s comments in Guyardo’s latest report
Tampa Bay SPCA new director left problems at previous shelter

SPCA Tampa Bay Behind the Kennel Doors continues to shine a light on the killing of adoptable animals, empty kennels and Pinellas County’s manufactured animal data.

The SPCA Tampa Bay Board_of_Directors is responsible for the demise of this agency that has become an operation to enrich the pockets of a purposely designed top heavy administration at the expense of the animals.

Animal Shelter Director Found Guilty of Diverting Funds

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

stack of money
A shelter director in Georgia was recently convicted on 60 felony counts related to her mismanagement of shelter funds and acceptance of payments to a sponsorship program that guaranteed specific pets would not be killed while, in fact, those pets were killed.

Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby diverted more than $10,000 in donations to Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter into her personal accounts. Donors to the Lucky Dog/Lucky Cat Program were assured that their donations of $100 or more to the program would protect the animals they sponsored from being killed. Many donors received notes saying the animal(s) had been adopted when they were actually killed, sometimes as soon as the payment was made.

Many of those animals were transferred to another shelter to be killed so the numbers would not reflect on Boggs Mountain.

This story came to light when a shelter employer realized she “…couldn’t keep up the charade any longer” and contacted a TV reporter. At the trial, the former Board president admitted that she and other members of the Board had disappointed supporters and lied to the public.

Directors of animal shelters sometimes seem to think they are immune from prosecution for lying to the public and misappropriating funds. This story of fraud and corruption has many parallels to events that have occurred in other communities.

Read the full account here