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How did YOUR Senator vote on captive hunting?

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

SB 404
that would have legalized captive hunting in Indiana was voted down (by a very narrow margin) on the Senate floor! The bill failed to pass because it lacked a constitutional majority.

How did YOUR Senator vote?

VOTING “YES” on SB 404 – to legalize captive hunting:
Arnold, Head, Randolph, Waterman,
Banks, Hershman, Rogers, Yoder,
Boots, Holdman, Schneider, Young, M
Breaux, Kruse, Steele, Young R,
Broden, Leising, Taylor,
Buck, Mishler, Tomes,
Glick, Nugent, Walker,

VOTING “NO” on SB 404 – to protect animals and stop captive hunting:
Alting, Grooms, Miller, Pat Stoops,
Becker, Hume, Miller, Pete Tallian,
Bray, Kenley, Mrvan, Waltz,
Charbonneau, Lanane, Paul, Wyss,
Crider, Long, Skinner, Zakas,
Delph, Merritt, Smith,

Please move to ACT and call or email your Senator to either thank them for their NO vote to keep this inhumane practice from taking root in our state; or, please contact them to (politely!) express your disappointment in their YES vote, to allow captive hunting to expand in Indiana.

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