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Animal Philanthropy ~ Where Does the Money go?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

“Donations to animal causes is the fastest growing segment of American philanthropy” ~Nathan Winograd, Redemption

How much of that well-intended donation to a popular humane organization actually makes it to the animals?

If you don’t know, then you may also not know that you can donate to a central Indiana all volunteer, no kill rescue organization that will deliver 100% of your donation to care for the animals in need.

Such an organization might be:
• An all or breed-specific animal rescue
• A Cat shelter
• A Spay-neuter organization
• A Wildlife or exotic animal rescue
• A Transport Rescue

These organizations do not use donor dollars for fundraising, advertising, direct mailing, salaries and benefits expenses.

You can also look on these organizations’ websites, purchase something for them from their wish list or you can also purchase food or litter to donate to a food bank to help those less fortunate.

If you take the time to look at Guidestar you will see that the well-endowed and (very popular!) Humane Society of Indianapolis reports in the most recently posted 990 – annual spending of over $2,000,000 on fundraising, advertising, direct mailing, salaries and benefits alone!

So the next time you have money left over after filling up at the gas pump, look a little closer at where and how far your donation is going. You may be helping more animals by donating more wisely.

Educate yourself, stretch that donor dollar and consider helping the animal organizations who apply 100% of that donation to the animals in need.

How do you choose a charity you can trust?