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Where is HSI headed now?

Monday, August 4th, 2008

1: a form of deception or dismissal of prior presumptions; 2: the breaking or violation of a presumptive social contract (trust or confidence) that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals between organizations or between individuals and organizations; 3: to deceive, misguide or corrupt.

Over the last several months Humane Society of Indianapolis (HSI) board chair, David Horth initiated dialog and created rapport with individuals in the grassroots animal service community. During these conversations Mr. Horth was making new friends and presumably, ?educating? himself on the issues of why these people and organizations had so little affection for the agency, what steps could be taken to improve that relationship and how could the agency become a more meaningful player to help animals in the community.

The dismissal of Martha Boden encouraged hope. Horth laid out to the grass roots providers the agenda for what was to be the progressive stepping stones toward acquiring a new director:
1. There would be an interim director.
2. There would be interviews for a new director.
3. There would be a posting for the position on the website.
4. There would be grass roots representation on the ?search committee.?
5. HSI wanted someone with animal welfare experience.
6. The new position would pay $30,000 less than Ms Boden?s $105,000 annual salary in order to address budget concerns

It appeared to be the golden opportunity to re-establish the much needed trust with the community.

An opportunity lost

In the last several weeks, emails and calls to Mr. Horth from well-qualified people interested in the E.D. position ? people from whom he had sought advice and with whom he had developed a rapport – went unanswered.

On July 31, HSI announced the appointment of its new director, Mr. John Aleshire of the Little Red Door cancer agency.

Contrary to what Mr. Horth had suggested, there was no interim director, no job posting, no interviews, no ?search committee? per se and not the $30,000 salary reduction that had been stated. The stepping stones toward building trust and selecting new leadership have become self-created giant stumbling blocks.

Mr. Aleshire?s performance in animal welfare (with which he has zero other than fund-raising for F.A.C.E.) remains to be seen. What we do know is that he has been unfairly handicapped before he begins his journey by the agency?s flagrant last-minute dismissal of people who had begun to trust Mr. Horth.

Questionable connections

Aleshire and the past two directors, Marsha Spring and Martha Boden, all have history connecting them to one another. According to the Rotary Club’s May 2003 newsletter, Marsha Spring was Aleshire?s “prosper” for membership into the club. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Little Red Door and served on that agency?s search committee when he was hired. Marsha Spring was relieved of her duties at HSI in 2002 amidst a credit card scandal and was replaced by Martha Boden.

Spring also “prospered? Boden into the Rotary Club in September of 2007. Do we see here a picture of coincidence of connections? Or do we see a picture with incestuous relationships amongst people who recycle into and out of executive jobs in animal welfare using the cloak of helping the animals as a venue for substantial salaries? Fund-raising first, animals second. Consider this: Boden now serves as the regional business development director for Pet Angel Memorial Center, a pet funeral home in Carmel that contracts with (as well as has an on-site presence at) the Humane Society.

Over the next several months, Mr. Aleshire will be learning all the right terminology, enabling him to say the things that people want to hear from the new guy. The right words lure prospective donors to write the big and little checks. Saying things that people DON?T want to hear is part of the coaching as well. But the fact remains: Mr Aleshire is now the face of an agency that strayed far from the intent of its founders. He is challenged by the self-fulfilling prophecy, ?past performance predicts future behavior.?

Important lessons

1. Speak the truth and don?t go back on your word as has been demonstrated by this agency’s leadership time and time and time again.
2. Using the euphemism ?euthanasia? when sugar-coating the killing of adoptable animals will be of great disservice to helping people understand the reality of the animal welfare industry Call it like it is.
3. Priorities must be realigned. As long as money is first and life-saving programs are second, the agency?s compass will continue to point south.
4. ?Transparency? (a much abused term) is essential for gaining trust. Its requirement is honesty. Consider two sub-accounts for donor options: one for debt reduction, one for animal welfare. Chart them with a thermometer motif on the HSI website.
5. If the desire is to do the best job possible for the animals of this community and consequently for HSI, you will need the very best help available because HSI now finds itself at its lowest level by its own doing. Although Mr. Aleshire?s skill set appears impressive, the arena of animal welfare is uncharted territory for him and it need not be ?learn as you go? when those with recognized success exist. Move to ACT has offered to assist the Humane Society by bringing Nathan Winograd to be available as a consultant for the agency. The criteria for this are very simple. Commit to the pledge of helping the community become No Kill where no adoptable animal is killed for convenience, space, being too old, too sick or too many. The benefit of making this pledge and accepting this offer is that it will provide the opportunity to show the agency?s ?transparency? by allowing an outside consultant to access the troubled agency?s information necessary to navigate in the right direction to make our community ?world class.?
6. The success of the agency will be reflected by the success of stewardship for all the animals of the community, regardless if they cross the doors at the agency at Michigan Rd. or the doors at Animal Care and Control on South Harding Street.
7. Stay current on the most recent information at Indy No-Kill Initiative
8. Appreciate that the most significant overpopulation problem we have in animal welfare in our communities is that of lazy and complacent shelter directors who feed the public misinformation and are content with shelters that simply adopt some and kill the rest.

Mr. Horth states about Mr. Alshire,

?he will connect with hands-on activists if they allow it, and he will reach the board rooms of our community as needed.

Why are the board rooms in need of being reached?

1. How much money is the agency paying for service on its debt each month?
2. Why is the current HSI treasurer the attorney who petitioned the probate court to pay the legal fees to his firm when it provided HSI the service of wrangling with the community?s animal service providers who made the noble effort to protect the gift of the Mary Powell Crume Public Charitable Trust from being put at-risk as collateral for a loan to pay debt. .

For answers to these questions, as well as why the HSI board would not accept the offer for a national search for the new E.D conducted by national sheltering expert Nathan Winograd – at no cost to the society, contact David Horth, Quest Commercial Real Estate LLC, 317-251-0552.

Until we see action over lip service, it is important to follow the money. Research to know where your animal welfare donation dollar is going. If you know someone who donates unwisely, share the facts. Lip service or action?

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