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Here to help

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

“We are here to help”On Sunday,June 8th at 2 PM, a young woman called move to ACT (mtA) asking for help for an abandoned litter of puppies that she guessed were 2-3 weeks old – discovered in an alley off west 31st St. She related that she had called the Humane Society of Indianapolis (HSI) for assistance but was told that they could not help because ?we?re not set-up to take care of that.?To validate this information, mtA called HSI. While on hold we hear a recording telling the listener, ?We are here to help.? We are finally able to speak to a live person at HSI who happened to be the same person who had answered the caller?s plea for (humane) ?help.? She was very pleasant and professional.Reads the latest ?Going Home Express? HSI newsletter??We have broken a record yet again? Mutt Strut 2008 raised more than $335,000 in support of the animals cared for by the Humane Society of Indianapolis.?We reviewed with the young HSI phone lady that HSI had, ??just made and boasts a record $335,000 draw at the recent Mutt Strut, the HSI website logo is ?Love Awaits,? the phone recording plays, ?We are here to help,? the agency has veterinary staff and a wellness center! ?We asked, ?Don?t you think that HSI is somewhat ?dropping the ball? in not being able to help this young lady who found this litter of puppies on a weekend when alternative assistance is problematic? She paused a measurable amount of time before answering, ??We?re not set up to help with that? ?We just don?t have the fosters available.?One component of the No Kill equation is an infrastructure of an extensive foster program. ?We?re here to help.? ?Love awaits.? Doors shut to 2-3 week old abandoned puppies.