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What is the average pay for a shelter director?

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

The wise use of financial gifts is of particular concern in animal welfare because as with any not-for-profit the concern is that the money is not actually getting to its targeted need.

Salary Survey Report for Industry: Animal Shelter

Median Salary by Job – Industry: Animal Shelter (United States)

Executive Director, Non Profit Organization $44,281
Veterinarian $64,140
Animal Control Worker $26,171
Operations Manager $36,022
Director of Development, Non Profit $41,175
Veterinary Tech / Technician $27,500
Director of Operations $45,00

Executive Director, Humane Society of Indianapolis $97,689

Otto Ray:

“I have been a humane officer and investigator for 65 years and have lived in Indianapolis all my life; was 84 years old on March 6, 1972. I am writing this under a terrific handicap. I feel pretty helpless sitting here with a fractured hip, fractured neck, half blind, using a magnifying glass to see, have an impediment in my speech, and am compelled to use a walker when I move about.

I started exposing the humane society trustee’s bureaucracy in 1968 but at no time did I publicize the humane society’s embarrassing large assets; however because of the fact that conditions have become so bad and no one is attempting to help or speak for the poor defenseless animals who cannot speak for themselves, I am writing this article while hoping and praying that the public will demand a change of…. bureaucracy, because even the operators of any business or ball club would be removed under similar conditions. Instead of doing something for the animals they have bee n spending their time juggling facts, words, figures, numbers and everything else.”

Otto Ray July 20, 1972
(Otto Ray sold to the Crume Trust the property on which the Humane Society of Indianapolis is located)