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“Humane Society’s new way has critics”

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

“Humane Society’s new way has critics”
Critics question why Humane Society accepts transfers but not local strays
April 14, 2008

The Humane Society of Indianapolis continues to drive itself into further embarrassment and isolation from the community by blatantly embracing and publicly promoting the practice of transporting dogs from out of jurisdiction while healthy, adoptable animals continue to be killed in Marion County.

This is yet another example of endless poor decision-making allowed by the board of directors with a CEO intoxicated with a position of misguided authority in the animal welfare community. Such decision-making delivers agency policies and practices that profoundly violate the very spirit of true animal welfare.

This practice is justified with a twisted explanation that animal transfers “…are part of a grander plan to make animal shelters the first option people consider when they look for a pet.” In truth, the attempt is to make only ONE shelter the first option — the one that charges the highest adoption fees and selectively offers only the most “desirable” animals while allowing other equally adoptable dogs and cats to be killed elsewhere. The only “grander plan” evident is that of one individual who appears determined to bankrupt the agency, morally and financially, while believing that public perception can be twisted to make others believe they are witnessing a strategy that is part of a “global perspective,” and that “…it seems to be working well.”

This is a narcissistic disorder of an agency that believes itself to be THE picture, rather than understanding itself as only A PART OF the bigger picture.

Support of this travesty by the Humane Society Board of Directors suggests them to be either victims of hypnotic suggestion or just asleep at the wheel. Both the animals and the donors are being grievously betrayed.