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HSI says no to strays

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

The Indianapolis Star reports that the Humane Society of Indianapolis will require pet owners to undergo “surrender counselling” before accepting strays. This is a financial decision as the HSI is running in the red. While increasing pet retention through counselling and other programs is part of the No Kill equation, HSI’s decision will likely result in higher animal populations at Indianapolis Animal Care & Control’s shelter and more strays in the community. The stark difference between these two shelters has rarely been more clearly defined. HSI will continue to accept a few adoptable(profitable) animals while IACC will have the larger task of caring for all animals at taxpayer expense. It remains unclear how HSI continues to enjoy such wide support among community leaders. HSI is in a deficit situation because of it’s leadership’s longterm mismanagement. Its behavior has driven away volunteers, donors and business support for years. Posted comments on the Star article include demands for increased licensing fees, enforcement of mandatory spay/neuter laws, punishment of irresponsible pet owners and calls for more euthanasia. Move to Act advocates Nathan Winograd’s No Kill equation. This comprehensive animal welfare plan reduces animal overpopulation AND shelter kill rates. It requires a coordinated effort by government, pet owners, animal rescue groups, volunteers, feral cat TNR groups and others. Move to Act will sponsor Mr Winograd’s two day No Kill workshop in May. People who care about animal welfare will attend from all over the midwest. Other communities are working to become No Kill; will Indianapolis do the same?