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Nathan Winograd’s No Kill Presentation a Success

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Over 100 people attended Nathan Winograd’s No Kill presentation at the Brickyard Inn on October 8th. Sponsored by Move to Act, his multimedia presentation detailed the history of the humane movement in the US and its current dysfunctional state. A movement founded to protect animals from people now protects people from animals. The resulting 4-5 million shelter animal deaths per year are mute testimony to a system in need of repair. Winograd presented the components of the No Kill Equation which he has implemented in San Francisco, Tompkins County NY, Charlottesville VA and Reno NV. He backed up his assertions with objective data and documentation. His talk was not without humor and personal anecdotes and was well recieved by an audience of animal lovers, animal welfare advocates and shelter workers. His message offers a welcome change from the status quo. Many left encouraged at the possiblity of creating a no kill city but with the pragmatic question of how to do so. Move to Act will sponsor a workshop with Nathan Winograd in March with specific recommendation on how to create just such a no kill community in Indianapolis. MtA will involve local shelters, government and animal welfare leaders in this workshop. Are you satisfied with the current animal welfare situation in our city? MtA thinks we can do better for the animals and our community.