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Another Pit Bull Attack

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

A little girl is mauled by a pit bull on the northeastside and the media duly reports the circumstances and injuries. But what is the rest of the story? Pit bull dog attacks comprised <5% of all dogbites 20 years ago-why the increase? Pit bulls and pit mixes now account for 30-40% of all animals surrended to Animal Care & Control and are largely unadoptable. The deeper problem is the systematic breeding of pit bulls. The pit bull subculture prizes owning a tough fighting dog-witness rap and hip hop videos. Unwanted pit bulls from breeder's large litters are sold off or just dumped in the community. Move to ACT calls for city government to form a dangerous dog task force to eliminate breeders, stop dog fighting and pursue large scale low cost community based spay neuter. Comments?

Irrational animal transport

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Did you know that… a motivated woman in Bloomington is currently spending $800/month of her own money to transport dogs from Indianapolis ACC to no kill shelters and new owners in New England. At the same time HSI is accepting dogs from Missouri-puppy mill capitol of the US-for their adoption kennels to generate revenue. Why can’t these organizations get together to increase adoptions and decrease their daily animal killing? Where is the communication? Move To ACT continues to advocate the necessary steps to make Indy a no kill community. Comments?

No Kill Indy

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Indy animal lovers remain disappointed at the unacceptible kill rates at our local shelters. They long for a no kill city where most unwanted dogs and cats would be adopted, go to no kill shelters or rescue groups. No kill status is attainable nationwide according to Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center(see link). He has assisted many cities attaining a no kill or near no kill status. Move to ACT will welcome Nathan Winograd to Indy for a book signing event in October. Make plans to attend and learn more about how Indy can become a no kill city.

HSI problems

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Move to ACT continues to monitor job performance, ethics and transparency at the Humane Society of Inddianapolis. HSI-a 2 star(out of 4) rated charity raised >$200,000 at it’s Mutt Strut. The public remains unaware that HSI continues to deny distressed pet owners access to its stray kennels to search for their lost pets. HSI also denies breed rescue groups access to its kennels. HSI turns away pet surrenders if owners don’t have the $20 euthanasia, er- continuing care fee. These angry owners then drive on to Animal Care & Control or perhaps dump their animals. A 21st century city such as ours is deserving of a visionary, open, community enhancing, no kill humane society. Comments?